Sunday, March 09, 2008

World Water Day: March 22, 2008

Take the World Water Day Challenge on March 22nd!

Thirst Relief International is proud to be part of the solution to the world water crisis through our current and ongoing water projects in the Amazon Region of Brazil, Mexico, Zambia, Cameroon, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and India. To commemorate World Water Day 2008, we are asking you to take the "World Water Day Challenge" on March 22nd.

Here's how it works: commit to make water the only beverage you drink on March 22nd, and donate the money you would have otherwise spent on soda, coffee, beer, etc. to Thirst Relief International. Your donation will help fund the cost to drill a new well, repair a broken well hand pump, or install a BioSand water filter, thereby providing the gift of clean drinking water and the health and life that comes with it. All of Thirst Relief’s water projects provide a sustainable, long-term supply of clean drinking water to those in need for an average cost of less than $5 per person… $5 saves a life!

Be sure to ask your friends and family to join you in taking the World Water Day Challenge. With your help, we can save the lives of millions who are literally dying of thirst!

About World Water Day

World Water Day is an international day of observance and action to draw attention to the plight of the more than 1 billion people world wide that lack access to clean, safe drinking water. Celebrated since 1993, March 22nd was annually designated World Water Day when the United Nations (UN) General Assembly passed a resolution in 1992. With each passing year, the observance has grown larger and stronger.

To learn more about Thirst Relief International, or to donate to the cause, please visit

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Gavin DeGraw Live in Concert

If you ever have the chance to see Gavin DeGraw live, I highly suggest it!  He is full of soul and is a true performer.  Keep your eyes open for his new album that will be released in a few months.