Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wings That Carry Me Home

You cannot control anybody else's actions. And no matter how well you think you have your life planned out, it really is only up to you on what you do with it. Especially when a wrench is thrown at those plans, completely unexpected.
I recently went to Peru to find peace, solace and beauty in life and to regain a piece of me that I had taken away. While sitting perched atop a cliff, looking down on the beauty of Machu Picchu before me

watching the warm setting sun cover this ancient civilization, the words from LIVE's song "Wings" surrounded me and gave me exactly what I was searching for...a little bit of clarity.
"Sometimes you've got to die to be born again
Sometimes you've got to fight
Sometimes you've got to learn
Sometimes you've got to burn the old brush out, so the new can grow

The weight that lays on your shoulders
Could be the wings that carry you home"

This was an empowering moment for me as my whole life stood before me, waiting for me to make a move. The words from yet another song spoke out to me "Love Shines"
"On a crystal clear blue mornin'

There is a peace that only you can know

It is truth and love and it is always there

Even if you fall down

Even if you fall down, love shines

Think of gentle Jesus

Think of the Buddha underneath his tree

They taught the world about love and how we all can be

How we can all be free
Open our hearts and see love shine"

So you see it's not about the fact that you can't control other peoples actions, it's what you choose to do with it when it effects your own life. No one can take away what you are made of unless you let them. Unless you choose to let them. As for me, I'm coming out of this stronger, with a sense of being, a clarity knowing that I am filled with so much love that I will give freely to my family, friends and clients. God has blessed me in so many ways and I thank him for his spirit.

Ed Kowalczyk - thank you for writing the words that pushed me through this

Chad Taylor

Patrick Dahlheimer

Chad Gracey

Adam Kowalczyk - thank you for playing the music that makes those words sing.


Rnormfoto said...

"it's what you choose to do with it when it effects your own life"...and that right there is the key sentence! It hold true for every single thing you do - how you CHOOSE to react and process what comes at you determines a great deal of how the results will turn out. Whether thats personally, work wise or day to day occurrences in general ( you get cut of in traffic - do you let it pas or scream bloody murder? Same event - 2 varied ways to process it)
Now get off that damn mountain and start shooting some photos!!!

MEG said...

laura...i wish i was there experiencing that with you. your not alone in all those emotions. i especially love the part saying how the weight on your shoulders will be the wings that carry you away...i am also in the same boat of trying to make sense and happiness. much love to you and olivia!!! You make a great team! ;o)

Justin said...

Laura, This is what I needed!! Through your strength, please realize that others, like myself, find wisdom and courage to walk beside you in the same journey answering the question "what is to become"? I am waiting for my wings!