Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coming Soon: Gerald Goode "for those who have"

I've had the greatest pleasure working with up and coming artist Gerald Goode!

Gerald Goode is a new york metropolitan area-based musician known for his incredible voice, dynamic pop music, billboard-chart-topping remixes and his long-time tenure as the lead singer of the rock band simple jim. He is currently wrapping production on his first solo album, entitled “for those who have” due out in august 2008 on gerald's own imprint 'vessel music. the record, a return to album - oriented rock, flows seemlessly from song to song, along the way blending gerald’s soulful voice with his brooding piano riffs, reflective lyrics, and guitar-infused electronica. his music offers the commercial appeal of an artist in the vein of rob thomas, but also has the dark, emotive strains of an artist like fiona apple. gerald is a true artist with a penchant for putting it all out there for his audience; a singer and performer with undeniable charisma and presence; and a musician that is not afraid to take risks, experiment with different sounds, and forge business relationships while moving towards inevitable success. he is appreciative of the people that take the time to listen to his music and hopes that his fans enjoy it and can take something personal and real from it.
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